After graduating from the University of Central Lancashire in 2015 with a degree in Contemporary Craft, Melissa set on her way to build her jewellery business. She converted a garden summer house into a workshop and began collecting equipment and tools by selling pieces of jewellery online and at craft fairs.

"From an early age I recognised I was different, in school I was horrendously shy and with being Dyslexic I really struggled, both academically and socially. Self doubt is something that has been installed into me from a very young age at school, from being told on a regular basis that there is something wrong with you, why cant you spell this? what cant you do that? its been a difficult road, but i’m extremely proud to have got where I am - running my own business is something I never believed I could do. Never let your academic failures dictate your life, I barely made it though my GCSE’s but its not stopped me getting to where I am today.

I’ve always loved making things, I used to sculpt toilet paper or anything i could find into things i had imagined and play with them until they fell apart, now I just make jewellery instead!”

She then went on to exhibit at wonderful shows such as The Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair and New Designers - One Year On. All of Melissa's jewellery is inspired by Folklore and based on natural growths such as Lichen, Moss and rock formations - many found and seen whilst Climbing and Skiing in Scotland, Wales and Scandinavia.

 Melissa makes all of her jewellery delicately by hand in her tiny workshop. Using contemporary and traditional techniques such as Sand Casting, Lost Wax Casting and PMC she creates her organic and ethereal jewellery and then combines this with Enamel, Precious and Semi Precious stones. She strongly believes in making individual and bespoke pieces, where no two are the same. Melissa never replicates rings or any of her jewellery exactly, they will always be a little different.